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Facebook: Releasing a ‘Subscribe’ Button?

Written on September 04, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Facebook is testing a new feature that will raise privacy issues again.

is testing another feature that will allow you to receive alerts from a specific friend. Whether a crush, loved one, daughter, son or enemy name it and you’ll have it.

A site called AllFacebook reported earlier that there is a new feature popping up on friends’ profiles. Facebook responded to the psot on the mentioned blog:

“This feature is being tested with a small percent of users. It lets people subscribe to friends and pages to receive notifications whenever the person they’ve subscribed to updates their status or posts new content (photos, videos, links or notes).”

Just like YouTube and Twitter, when you hit on “subscribe” you will automatically receive notifications on your new notification bar on top of the site. We’re not yet sure if this will work on a non-friend which is more or less stalker-like. The notifications will include, comments, status update and recent activities of the person you happen to “follow”.

This will be a good feature for those who wanted special update news on friends, family, and loved ones but somehow the nosy people might just subscribe to you for them to know your every move.

Let us know if this is good or eerie for you.

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  • Steven

    Whats the point of even being on Facebook if not to keep up with old friends, flames, enemies, etc..isn’t it a stalker concept to begin with? Once you are on there you set yourself up to be stalked or cyber followed. the way to control this is to limit the info that you reveal about yourself. Every piece of info can be traced to you with a name or email address. Don’t believe me, google yourself using your name or your email extension, you will be amazed what you can find, now think of all your friends, coworkers, exes and frenemies doing this.

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