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Factual Makes 14 Million Business Listings Available for Free

Written on September 29, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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According to Liz Cannes of Gigaom, Factual's new offering is "a great place database in the sky." This app can be extremely valuable to developers, because this can be the initial step towards creating an open place database.

’s has announced that it now offers free read and write access to 14 million US business listings and locations. Building an app that checks where a user is physically located, then notifying them what businesses can be found nearby is the obvious use-case. And albeit such data is not yet available for free, there is no guarantee that proprietary apps provide up to date data. Nevertheless, provides a solution in terms of accuracy issue. It combines data from partners, users and vendors, then applies machine learning to extract and validate facts. It includes field beyond names, latitude and longitude, and address. And even if the data set needs filling out beyond basics; the potential price, pedigree and programmability can be very promising.

According to Elbaz’s LinkedIn profile:

“Hopefully, high-quality, lower or no cost data will unleash a wave of creativity and productivity by application developers and content publishers.”

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