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Get Your Gmail Trends with Graph Your Inbox

Written on September 14, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Graph Your Inbox is a genius idea created by Bill Zeller. It tracks what is trending on your Gmail account with the help of search queries, and presenting then in a bar graph form. Now, you have more reason to manage and process your inbox in a more adept way.

, a creation of , is a extension that allows you to graph your activity over time. It searches your account via keywords, phrases, sender or receiver, and label, presenting a related data as a bar graph that charts the frequency of messages month-by-month and day-by-day. But the big question here is: Why would a user want to evaluate such information?

A simple answer to this is: If we can analyze our web searches, social media activity and website analytics, why not our inbox? More over, looking at periods of extreme activity or dormancy around a certain keyword can indicate a trend in your mail box. Knowing this, you can manage and process your e-mail and time more efficiently. Aside from the nice data presentation, another feature of this plug-in is taking you directly to a conversation in your inbox with just a click. With just a little more tweak, and we can see Graph Your Inbox as a business tool used for tracking e-mail campaigns, product inquiries or support requests in the future.

Graph Your Inbox is a free extension, and it does not access any of your private data. For the plug-in to work, you must log in to your Gmail account first. It works without issue with Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

Give Graph Your Inbox a try, and tell us what you think of the plug-in by leaving your comments.

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