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Gmail’s Newest Keyboard Shortcuts

Written on September 01, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Gmail users might be enjoying the newest feature in their e-mail: the Call Phone and the Priority Inbox. Unfortunately, they don't know how to use them through keyboard shortcuts. Well, not anymore!

For the past two weeks, released two new awesome features that users will surely love: the and . In relation to this, lovers of got something to memorize to use this new features. But before anything else, make sure that you’ve activated your shortcuts by turning them on to your Gmail settings, under the General tab. Are you ready for more time saver keys? Here’s how.

The ‘+’ or ‘-‘ for Priority Inbox

You can mark any messages in your inbox as important or not by selecting it, and clicking the new plus or minus button on your toolbar. But if you want to do the same on your keyboard, navigate to your messages with ‘j’ or ‘k,’ then press ‘x’ to select it. To re-prioritize the your e-mail, juts hit either ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign. Of course, the plus sign promotes your message as important and the minus sign does otherwise.

The ‘g’ and ‘p’ for Phone Call

You can use one more quick and convenient shortcut if you’re using Gmail’s new calling feature. It’s a ‘g+p’ method to bring up the dialer. After that, just type the name of your contact and let the auto-complete do its job.

If you’re having a hard time memorizing them all, just keep this key in mind: ‘?’. The question mark opens the shortcut help, so you can find the time-saving method that you can’t remember.

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