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Google Celebrates its 12th Birthday

Written on September 27, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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You're wondering why there is a cake on your Google homepage? Of course! There's a birthday party, because Google just turned 12 today.

After 12 years of being the search engine magnate, celebrates its 12th birthday today! The celebration graces the dawn of their 13th year of cyber space glory since becoming a corporation on September 27, 1998.

And as always, today’s turns into a cake that depicts letter “L” as a candle. Today’s doodle is a ’s work, reproduced with permission by Visual Artists and Galleries Association (). Unlike the recent ball game animation and Pacman doodle, the cake is a straight forward artwork that needs no explanation. With the company’s creative use of doodle, their millions of user are always invoked to do some research on history to suffice their “hunger of the mind.” And as long as there are Internet lives to flourish, Google will remain.

Happy birthday Google, and more doodles to come!

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