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Google Earth: Exploring the Ocean on your iPhone

Written on September 21, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google Earth updates their system and is now giving us a better view of the world's oceans. What a wonderful and unique technology from Google Earth.

just released the newest version 3.1 for Earth iOS. The update included native 4 support and also the ability to have an expedition under the world’s ocean.

First among the changes is the imagery of the application. Google has added a Retina Display support for iPhone app. This will make your explorations quite impressive.

The app also added the bathymetry and ocean content. Underwater bathymetry gives you the ability to go under the surface of the ocean and explore the world’s ocean beds. It provides you with useful information about Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Google Earth is also on the works to update the Android Version. Thumbs Up Google Earth!

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