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Google: Facing Anti-Trust Investigations in Texas and Europe

Written on September 06, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Our favorite search engine, Google is facing not only one but two anti trust investigations in Texas and Europe.

Recently, a statement has been revealed that the office of Texas Attorney General heade by Greg Abott is conducting an investigation with regards to complaints of antitrust and anti-competitive behavior for search engine titan, .

Search Engine Land noted that the investigation is focused on Google’s manipulation on search results to the detriment of its competition. The fire erupted from the multiple complaints of vertical search engines Foundem, SourceTool/TradeComet and myTriggers. Eventhough the said companies do not operate out of Texas, they only need customers to help with the investigation.

Google responded via blog post from  Deputy General Counsel Don Harrison. Harrison addresses questions about “fairness” of the Google search engine while giving backgrounds of the complainants.

“We look forward to answering their questions because we’re confident that Google operates in the best interests of our users,” Harrison said in the company’s response.

Similar to that, Google is also having a manipulation case from the European Commission.

For now, let’s give Google the benefit of the doubt.

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