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Google Fires Employee for Accessing Private Data

Written on September 15, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google confirms that they fired another employee. This is the second time for such incident and we hope this would be the last.

repeats history. Just today, the search titan confirmed that they fired one of their engineers due to violation on internal security policies. Former employee David Barksdale used his clearance to access private data of multiple people including four minors. He was dismissed for the offense and said that it is “significantly increasing the amount of time we spend auditing our logs to ensure those controls are effective”.

Google confirmed that it is the second that such incident happened. The previous case, however didn’t include minors but the culprit was also dismissed. Google has been here for ten years, serving the globe and the world wide web. They employ more than 20,000 people as of the moment. It is still quite a dismay that things like this happen.

With all fairness to Google, they confirmed the rumors and released a statement. High hopes that this won’t happne again.

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