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Google Music with a Cloud-Based Locker

Written on September 17, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google Music will be launched by the end of the year with exciting features... But can they make it before the Yuletide Season?

and its much anticipated Music offering is said to be here on Christmas. A new information from Billboard suggests that it will be both a digital download store and a cloud-based subscription with a $25 subscription fee per annum. Billboard’s sources said that the cloud service is a locker, a place wherein subscribers will have the access to store their music files and downloads, stream full tracks prior to purchase and share the play lists with friends who would also be allowed to have the full streaming on tracks, free of charge.

Locker users has the ability to add all the music files licensed by Google to their online files for streaming and downloading. “Such tracks could include those purchased at the Google download store or another download retailer, tracks ripped from a CD and even music files downloaded from peer-to-peer networks,” per the report.

The company is saying that they are showing label executives a proposal for the music. The proposal denotes a three year licensing agreement with a 50/50 split on subscription revenue going to the master right holders. Google is also proposing a 10.5% cut for the music publishers according to the billboard. Roughly hundred days before Christmas, Google will need aggressive push to make deals on that holiday.

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