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Google Predictions on Mobile Coming this Fall

Written on September 09, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google shares its psychic ability with Google Instant Search. First desktop, then mobile.

Expect the unexpected guys, but this fall Search will launch its first mobile phone app.

Earlier today, the search titan released its Instant to the people of the web. A dramatic change to ’s search engine delivering for real search results as you type without the click of the mouse. As a matter of fact, the company calls it “search before you type”. Because Instant Search will predict what you’re about to type and delivers search results based on predictions.

Today’s big announcement marked the change in the search space, but this didn’t give satisfaction to our icon. It wants mobile dominance too.

Instant Search for mobile works just like the desktop app. Start typing a word and Google delivers search results that you might want. A few restrictions though was tagged along, 3G connection speeds, no tab button for some phones and not all mobile phone can support this. But the demo looks charming. We wish it works best on iPhone and Android phones. Google also noted that some of their mobile apps will support this new feature.

Sneak peek of the Google Instant Search for mobile:

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