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Grandma and Grandpa on Facebook

Written on September 06, 2010 by R. Depp

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Don’t be surprised when you receive friend requests from your grandparents.

administered a research which suggested that more old people are joining the social network scene. But how is old? The age bracket the study covered was 50 and above.

In 2009, only 22 percent of the old people are using the social network websites to stay in touch with their families. A year later, the statistics doubled to 42 percent. This trend debunk the idea that elders are likely to be technophobic. It also lead to the increase of the overall social network users to 86 percent.

Mary Madden, the researcher, commented about the result of the study, “email is still the primary way that older users maintain contact with friends, families and colleagues, but many older users now rely on social network platforms to help manage their daily communications.”

With this happening, we can say that social networks is gradually becoming a natural way of life.

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