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Hot Pink D-Pod Digital Camera from Takara Tomy

Written on September 10, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Grab this tiny camera which is light on the pocket in terms of size and price.

A gadget without a tiny version is outdated. Any gadget from cellphone to tablet have their own “mini me” counterpart. We are grateful that inventors find time to concetualize small gadgets with big features.

This small gadget pictured above is the D-Pods . A small that lets you take pictures and store it in your pocket anywhere you go. A tiny pink camera that will make make anyone happy. In comes in hot pink color and black accents for some rockstar glam. It also has a black and white version for those who doesn’t want the pink one. It can capture still photos and mini clips. It is also has a 15 second self timer for you and your friends. Plus a USB cable for uploading photos on your laptop or desktop. The camera is $68 so it’s really light on the pocket. Seriously.

If you happen to have one, well let us know if it works well.

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