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The Winners of 2010 Hugo Awards

Written on September 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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It's all out! The winners of the 2010 Hugo Awards were already announced last night at the Aussiecon 4, at Melbourne, Australia. Get a glimpse of last night's sweet memory, and check out if your favorite personalities are one of the recipients.

Winners of , hosted by and one of the science fiction’s most prestigious award-giving body, were presented in Melbourne at last night. This year’s awards, incorporated with aboriginal motifs and inspired by Paris Metro signs, was designed by . The last night’s event was extremely an outstanding edition, with strong voter and nominator turnout.

This year’s fiction prizes are incredibly sweet. The Best Novel award went to China Mieville’s “The City and the City”, tying with Paolo Bacigalupe’s “The Windup Girl.” In addition to these, the Best Novella was given to Charlie Stross’ “Palimpsest,” a literary piece from his mind-bending collection of short story — The Wireless. Furthermore, Peter Watts’ “The Island” got the Best Novellete Award. Watts will be remembered well as the SF writer who was beaten and gassed near the US/Canada border, after getting out of his car to ask why US custom officers are checking his automobile. He was found guilty after spending thousands of dollars fighting the charge. Peter was brought to Australia for his brilliant acceptance speech, after SF fans raised money to make it possible. Another literary award, the Best Short Story, went to Will McIntosh for “Bridecicle.”

On the Net-based Media category, the podcast Starship Sofa won the Best Fanzine. Frederik Pohl also won as the Best Fan Writer, thanks to his excellent blog: The Way the Future Blogs. For other categories: Patrick Nielsen Hayden was awarded Best Editor; Phil and Kaja Foglio’s “Girl Genius” won as the Best Graphic Novel; while the Campbell Award for Best New Writer went to Seanan McGuire.

You can view the full list of nominees and winner at the recent Hugo Awards here.

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