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iPhone Envy Blues Away: Six New Blackberry Tricks to Play

Written on September 06, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Tricks abound by the hundreds in the tool called iPhone that users of the corporate favorite Blackberry seem to border on boredom with the lack. Or not anymore.

This is no time to give up on your Blackberry though, if only for these six reasons in our roster–iPhone tricks that apps on your Blackberry can play just as well:

1. Cute Bubble SMSes
turns BBMs in an iPhone-like speech bubble format. This app can be used as an alternative incoming message-receiving tool. Regular inbox should be first blocked from receiving SMSes to activate this.

2. Doodling
Finger paint, drop in stamps and collaborate with your friends online on a project with Doodle Buddy. And now for 99 cents, this art-buddy-slash-app is now taking the fun to the touchscreens of Blackberry Storm users.

Aside from that, Make a Mess is available to those who want to doodle without charge, although with fewer options. If navigation via ball is your preference, SketchIt is also here to allow you to make Etch a Sketch projects using the keypad or scrollball.

3. Photoshop
Blackberry may not have the multi-fucntional Adobe software that iPhone users enjoy, but it has an app that does just as many editing tasks and boasts of its “special Warhol effect”–.

4. Weather Forecasting
Amateur forecasts can be made through your Blackberry with the “maps” feature of the ’s free app. It is unlike iPhone’s widgets and apps supplying live radar maps to weatherman-to-be’s, but it sure proves adequate to turn users into a bit more of weather geeks.

5. InstaPaper
Blackberry can also do what iPhone does, saving web pages for future viewing on the phone. Not only that, it adds a “save as PDF” option to the phone’s browser.

6. Remote Control Function
As an iPhone is turned into a TV remote control, Blackberry also releases a version of a home theater remote control, which is a box sitting nearby the entertainment equipment rather than a phone. This one is called the AV Shadow and can use one phone to control TV, TiVo, DVD player and satellite box. This Blackberry device can also control Apple products like the iPod.

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