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Kevin Rose and the Drama behind Digg

Written on September 30, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The captain who gave us Digg is trapped in the grapevine of rumors. Gossips say that the founder is fed up with his creation and the things which surrounds it. How true that he wouldn't be the CEO by 2011?

According to the announcement at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event today, founder has reached the end of his patience when it comes to his product.

Rose said that he wanted to accept an $80 million acquisition offer made during the peak and popularity of his site, but the board members turned down the offer.

The “New Digg”, a fourth major iteration of the site and the first with a real set of new built ins in 3 years would have been a victory. But the dissatisfaction of users made it a disaster. Traffic was slumping, staff members lay off and new entering and moving out.

In short he was fed up with the drama.

Rose neither declined nor claimed that he’s still working with Digg by the end of 2010. ReadWriteWeb said that the young man seemed more willing to embrace his investments that the company he founded.

This might not be a very good vibes to CEO Matt Williams who was just appointed last month. Will the captain abandon his ship?

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