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Lyric Legend Brings a Twist to Karaoke Gaming

Written on September 01, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Social music-player and lyric-finder TuneWiki tweaks a conventional music entertainment with the application of a modern game.

, ’s Tuesday-released free tool, is a for the iPhone. And this is how it is played: The song lyrics appear on multicolored balls floating on the screen. Your aim is to hit the words of the song at the exact moment they should be sung. You get a higher score for how close you are to hitting the right words. Beginners can relax a little with aligned balls that ring around each other to hint at the next word. For instrumental parts of the song, incorporated a fun bonus round where you can tap glowing balls as they drop down.

This game requires lyric knowledge and some practice to get a kick out of it. As with any game, it has varying levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert. Players will have time to rehearse the lines and master the dynamics before moving up.

There is no need for a connection to start playing with Lyric Legend. The starting screen shows several straightforward options, including single- or multi-player, “how to play” tutorial, or song store selection. At first, it also attempts accessing a network to retrieve high-score and social info, as well as upload your play info to the scoreboard. So, how about trying to hit some notes now, or better yet, hit some words now with Lyric Legend?

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