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Make Way for the Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Written on September 16, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta is here! Microsoft officially launched today on the red carpet, the much awaited browser that aims to "beautify the web". Accelerating on a mass speed, we are left open mouthed.

Microsoft had unleashed their greatest weapon towards the WWW game. They  launched the much awaited and anticipated open Beta for 9. Microsoft only promises one thing: “Beautify the web.”

Today is the official descend of the on web. The promenade was held at the  Design Concourse Center in San Francisco that was drawn by hundreds of developers, journalists and Microsoft employees. Live band made the ambiance of the venue comfortable. “The browser is a stage. It is the backdrop of the web,” said Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer Dean Hachamovitch.

Microsoft noted that the IE9 is a reinvention of the browser. Not just the and web standard compliance, but the utmost ability to turn any website into an application on the Windows taskbar. Three websites are then pinned on the taskbar, making it a one-click session to their top favorite sites. Windows 7 also includes jumplists, where all the websites that supports them will be given a quick menu to its most popular webpages. For the regular users, we open many tabs at once, making it messier and clutter like. But now Tabs will appear on the right side of the address bar to decrease the Tab Overload. They are grouped according to websites on the task bar. How great is that huh?

Meanwhile, IE9’s edge on the market is the acceleration of the hardware. Four developer previews were used by Microsoft to show the speed of the all new IE9. IE9 supports the PC’s hardware to full acceleration on graphics, videos and text. It also gives heavy graphic interfaces a lot better than Chrome and Firefox. The IE9 is available for download at the “Beautify the Web” site of Microsoft. This site is mainly the promotional campaign of the company for the IE9. Let us know the ups and downs of the browser.

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