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Manga on Your Kindle, Equals Mangle

Written on September 01, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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This battle with the iPad still beats on. If iPad owners can tap their way to comic-reading in full colors via various apps--why cannot Kindle users?

Discover the perfect app for reading The Walking Dead, the Scott Pilgrim stories and anything Manga. The loads even black-and-white files pretty neat, but , the open-source software tool, is there to help out to make it better.

Now when Kindle has no reliable orientation tool yet, way back the ancient Kindle days, FooSoft’s Alex Yatsov’s frustration led him to make Mangle (that is Manga + Kindle = Mangle, if you have not gotten it early). At the rise of the Kindle 3, the manga-reading app still proves useful in getting your comic images aligned and in order. It has been compiled for Mac and Windows, and you can run it right in Python.

There are minor glitches with Mangle, but the end result still looks nice. Hey Manga enthusiasts, how about you–do you want to try Mangle on your Kindle?

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