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Meet P-Nut, the 7-Year Old Child Rapper

Written on September 08, 2010 by R. Depp

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“Two plus two equals four, I’m walkin’ at the door.” --- P-Nut

A new rapper with the name is stealing the spotlight on the scene. But what’s amazing about this new artist? He’s a 7-year old kid.

The who started spitting rhymes when he was four has already an album and on his way to stardom. P-Nut graced the studio in Memphis to showcase his talent to the viewers. “Superman’s no hero/They never found Nemo/Can’t play with Tonka trucks ’cause all the Tonka trucks got repo’d,” uttered the child wonder.

It was his father who taught him the tongue-twisting talent of rapping. P-nut hopes to be signed under a giant music label. So better break it down, yow.

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