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Mercedez Benz – Developing some Magic to its Luxury Body

Written on September 11, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The luxurious car loved by many will show some Magic really soon.

The Mercedes- named its latest model “Magic”. Soon they will introduce to you the Magic Body Control suspension technology and a Magic Sky Control roof tech. But David Blaine did not do his magic on his, the magic was made by a bunch of electro-hydraulic and magnetorheological engineering.

The Magic Body Control is the next generation of Active Body Control. Created alongside the power of ZF, the system of bushings atop the strut towers neutralizes wheel and body movements at two different frequencies. Daimler’s testing says that MBC reduces 80 % of unsavory suspension reverberations. This Magic will be showing up on S-Class and CL Class on 2013.

Magic Sky Control will be here soon, and when they soon, it’s as soon as next year on the SLK. Working like photo-chromatic sunglasses that gets darker at sun exposure, a magnetorheological glass offers a range of opacity from “near totally clear” to “dark blue.” It’s not a roof alternative but you will see this new innovation to the Benz line-up soon.

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