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Microsoft Keynote on TGS 2010

Written on September 16, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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2011 looks like will be filled with brand new and newly revamped games. Read on to get an insight of the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2010.

Starting with a hype of stars, hearts and robots, the first day of gave the gaming enthusiast and gaming bloggers a glimpse of what lies for XBox and . Taking the center stage is the XBox Japan exec, Mr. Sensui, giving a recap of the past and focusing on the Japanese game creators and their talent. But the biggest deal here were the ten titles presented in the Mukahari Messe event in Chiba, Japan.

The presentation was kicked off with Metal Gear Solid Rising. According to MGS producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama, the game is being developed as planned and on schedule, though no specific release date and Kinect support was revealed. Next on the list is a Spike collaboration, XBox Avatar Fire Pro Wrestling game. So if you want a brawl with your avatar, a game is on purview. However, no release date was also said regarding this one. Third is a Treasure creation named Radiant Silvergun. Returning to the gaming arena as a XBLA exclusive, it comes with improved graphics, co-op play and downloadable replays. Now fans of this game since the arcade and SEGA Saturn version has something to look forward to on 2011.

Moving on with Kinect, a horror game called Haunt is also set to be released next year. This is a first-person view, cartoon-like horror game created by Matsuura. Another Kinect game that will also take glasses next year will be Project Draco. From the name itself, Project Draco is all about a dragon-looking guy that needs to defeat “legendary creatures” along the way. Next, is the Grasshopper Manufacture’s punky and casual hardcore game called Codename D. This exclusive Kinect and 360 title is set to be launched also in 2011.

Following the list is a Namco Bandai game for Kinect called Body and Brain Exercise. This game will come to US and Europe early next year. After that is a trailer for Child of Eden. The trailer features a new level named “Beauty” and said to hit the market next year. Next to be announced was the SEGA Kinect game, Rise of Nightmares. It is difficult to describe how the game will be played, but it surely is – from the name itself – an explicit horror game. It is also coming this 2011. The last Kinect enabled game on the list is the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Set in Manhattan 2082, the new Steel Battalion gives the players an opportunity to be a part of the naval forces, invading and moving through the oceans.

Now that it’s all wrapped up, be sure to visit this section again for more upcoming TGS news!

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