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MTV’s 2010 VMA Twitter Tracker

Written on September 13, 2010 by B Waldorf

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MTV reigns to be the greatest music channel of all time and with this new app released, MTV's 2010 VMA Twitter Tracker, you'll be not left behind.

, the greatest music channel, released an app called . A web-based visual app that displays the and tweets about the 2010 Video Music Awards.

This is very similar to the app 2010 MTV Movie Awards three months ago. The design, features and capabilities of the VMA version is quite impressive. It’s very clean and easy to use.

When you load it up, you will see the total count of VMA-related tweets and images of the top 4 topics, as of the moments they are: #vma, #ladygaga, #justinbieber and #kanyewest.

Incase you don’t have any idea on the trending topics last year, and were the crowned Queen and King of the Internet and social media. Also included was ’s on-stage outburst during ’s acceptance speech. Eventually, Kanye apologized to Taylor via .

Click along the top and view any of the top 50 topics. You will recognize the number of tweets per minute and a little artifact bounce on your screen, each representing a tweet. You can read the recent tweets by just clicking on the images, you can also write your own tweet on the app with hash-tags plugged in.

At the bottom of the screen there is a timeline showing peaks and valleys in VMA-related Twitter activitis. It’s really cool. With all the flashy contents, its added glitz and glamor to the award ceremony.

MTV is now the web’s most popular music site and social media plugins are the norm for the network. There’s even a badge on Foursquare VMA this year.

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