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No More Dongle Sports Kit for Nike+, Only GPS

Written on September 08, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Running sensor Dongle has worn out in the suitability section. What fills its place now is a friendly and familiar software we all, if not have it, know.

Running with Nike can now be tracked via a software-play in compatible iDevices. The App Store tags it as GPS. Employing a GPS radio, the iDevice app plots as it traces your run on a map. Your iPhone can also record your pace using an accelerometer. Your iPod Touch runs compatible with it, too, but without showing map displays. And you can use the tracker on iPad as well, but that is if you want to create a sight.

The online backtracking of previous runs makes the Nike+ scheme attractive and relevant. And that capability has come to the local app. Now you can browse your running history with your iDevices and even share them with the existing Nike+ site.

The only lure the Dongle remains to have is the iPod Nano. The new, squared-off Nano still works in the scheme of things on Nike+, although most of its functions have been scrapped. But the software-only solution still bumps it miles away. Go for the GPS and save 27 bucks, the thing only costs a couple of dollars.

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