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Pocket Size Keyboard Replaces iPad Keyboard Dock

Written on September 20, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Who wants a bulky keyboard when you can have it pocket size and foldable? Jorno releases their Pocket-Size keyboard that will remove Apple's iPad Keyboard Dock out of the picture.

After the iOS 4release, mobile devices finally supports bluetooth keyboards. And released a mobile which features bluetooth connectivity that compliments Apple’s iOS mobile devices. Plus the keys are 15% smaller that of a standard for desktop PCs; maintaining a comfortavle typing experience and reduce of space.

Jorno’s unique innovation is conviniently folded down to pocket size for easy storage and transfer. The detachable cradle allows portable displays to be held securely in portrait or lanscape mode.

A complete alternative to the Dock of Apple. Available this fall for $79 on pre sale and on October 31, it is priced at $99.

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