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Reequip and Retrain the U.S. Workforce

Written on September 28, 2010 by R. Depp

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The U.S. Government is seeking many ways to scrape off unemployment off its tracks.

High unemployment rate is still the ultimate problem of the U.S. government. Unfortunately, the usual job-creation tools are not working anymore. But there’s still hope as analysts point out where policymakers should focus their attentions.

According to statistics, unemployment is likely to tumble to 6.5% if only workers have the right skills. Also, columnist noted that “we have too many mortgage brokers and not enough mechanics” in the economy today. With this, it is clear that the inefficiency of workers contributes to the staggering economy.

Another solution to the increasing unemployment was given by former President . “I think the quickest thing you could do is to accelerate the transfer of discretionary training money to states or to the local labor department that would go direct to employers, so that people, while they’re drawing unemployment, can get trained and move and fill those jobs,” Clinton said.

Lastly, experts are saying that a shift to more effective policies with boost the financial markets in many ways. The first step to do is to reequip the workforce and finally make progress happen.

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