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Resident Evil Afterlife: Weekend Box Office

Written on September 13, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Congratulations zombies! The Resident Evil: Afterlife was a box-office hit last weekend. And it is just the first week of opening.

The Resident Evil movie series based on ’s survival horror series hit the high mark on the box office. A pretty successful movie for Sony Pictures. Just like the its predecessors, the fourth movie Resident Evil: Afterlife was no exception. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the film bagged the box-office crown this weekend with a total sale of $27.7 million tickets.

The amount was boosted by the 3D release that also raised the ticket prices. It’s as if the zombies are coming out of the screen. But nevertheless the movie is really a good one to watch. The movie was said to cost only $60 million. With this weekend’s success, lucky for us the 5th movie will be made. The Afterlife ends with a cliffhanger and we suggest the next film’s camera should be rolling as soon as possible.

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