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Sense Your Mood with Intel’s Context-Aware Computing

Written on September 18, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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No need to wear mood rings to let other people know if you're at hype, fuming mad or just placid. Let your phone tell them your mood -- at least in the future.

Your might already know more about you, depending on the various technological bells and apps that you constantly update. But wouldn’t it be a bit smarter if your can sense your mood? If you think it is, then might just have a good news for you. On the horizon, the company is working on ways to help your phone know you more intimately.

How feasible could that be? Intel’s CTO, Justin Rattner, explained that combining the geolocation that is already on your phone with data from sources – like gyro, microphone and camera – your device could figure out more about you. Your handset can tell if you are having a stroll or rushing, sleeping or when you are awake. With this data, your phone can learn your routine and could offer you advice, app suggestions or notifications.

But for now, are a pure concept. Nevertheless, will be emerging on Intel products, and soon.

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