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‘Skyscraper Man’ Reach the Summit of Millenium Tower in CA

Written on September 07, 2010 by R. Depp

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A man known as “Skyscraper Man” added another item on his achievements after climbing the Millennium Tower in California.

The man behind the moniker is . He started his climbed on the 58-story residential tower around two o’clock Monday afternoon. It took almost three hours to complete his assault and unfurled the U.S. Flag atop the structure. Unfortunately, he was taken into police custody after his spectacular feat.

Goodwin is an expert when it comes to climbing skyscrapers. He said that his climbs is a way to raise awareness about cancer and the vulnerability of high structures to terrorism. In 1983, he climbed the World Trade Center and Sears Tower in 1981. 

To accomplish this climb, “” used suction-cup like devices on his way up. Residents of the tower were offering him water along the way. San Francisco Police and fire officials were also present during the event.

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