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Do More SMS and E-mail with Google Voice Actions

Written on September 12, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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The Google Voice Search on Android can be delectable, but it can do more than just Android's built-in apps. With SMS and e-mail, you can do just about anything!

The latest Google Voice Search on Android is pretty sweet, but it can manage a lot more than Android’s built-in apps that support SMS and e-mail. If you find the “note to self” command as an e-mail weird and prefer to make it a calendar, it requires no extra work to do just that. All you have to do is set up your Google Calendar account to enable GVENT (48368). When you’re done, add GVENT to your contacts as something like Calendar. Afterwards, activate the Voice Actions and say something along “SMS Calendar: Oil Change on Saturday at 9.” Just make sure that you set communications up with GVENT with the phone number you’ll be texting it from, if you want it to send a text message from your Google Voice account. Though this tip seems to be small, it reveals that Google Voice Actions can do more than what is on the surface.

The list of compatible services can be endless but some of the most loved tips are posted below. However, most of them require you  to authorize something on the service’s end before trying some of these.

  • Add events to your Google Calendar by adding GVENT to your contacts as an SMS number. (Note that there’s no direct link to the mobile setup; you need to go to Google Calendar and click on Settings > Calendar Settings > Mobile Setup).
  • Update Twitter by adding 40404 to your contacts as an SMS number.
  • Update Facebook by adding your personalized Facebook upload email address to your contacts.
  • Add new tasks to Remember the Milk by using its Twitter integration. After adding Twitter to your contacts as 40404, you can send an SMS to it starting with d rtm (example: d rtm Pick up Milk on Monday at 5pm). You may have to type the rtm part manually, but you can do the rest by voice.
  • Create a new note in Evernote by using its Twitter integration. Text message Twitter with @myEN or d myEN at the beginning of the message (example: @myEN Grocery list: Milk Eggs Chicken).
  • Schedule shows on your TiVo, add things to your Netflix Queue, and do tons of other stuff by adding kwiry to your contacts and beginning your SMS with the proper service name (e.g., tivo 30 rock to schedule a recording for 30 Rock.

With so many services that contains email or , the possibilities are endless! If you have your own perk of the Google Voice that we were not able to mention, feel free to share them below.

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