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The All-New Twitter is Here

Written on September 15, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Behold guys, the new Twitter is ready to conquer and change your social media experience.

Twitter announced today that they are making a new web interface to their site. And some users might experience the new look as early as tonight, though the company noted that they “will roll out as a preview over the next several weeks.” The news about the company’s plans to integrate multimedia to stream leaked earlier today, but the redesigned Twitter isn’t just the deal. A further change will resemble a sophisticated web application. Twitter also released a version for iPad app.

Multimedia partners are composed of 16 different companies, namely: , , , Flickr, Justin.TV, , , , , , TwitPic, TwitVid, , , yfrog, and .

There are so many things that has been made in the recent months, mostly a move to areas owned by third party applications. Today’s news will renew the discussion with all of Twitters best features like Tweetie, Seesmic Desktop, and TweetDeck now becoming a default interface on Twitter. It seems that the new Twitter is more Facebook-ish.

Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams made his announcement by mentioning that has been one of the most popular way of microblogging service, powering 78% of unique users (“Of all the people who logged into their Twitter account during the month, what percentage did so via each service.”)With Twitter’s growing need to render service to advertisers, it’s no surprise that the company is now making people more engaged to the site.

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