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The Kindle for Android Upgrade is Now Here

Written on September 24, 2010 by B Waldorf

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With voice search, annotations and other significant add ons, who would say that Kindle is not the e-reader of the millennium?

released today an upgrade for its Kindle for . And it’s FREE! Giving Android users a numerous convenient features that were available on Kindle services. With the ability to perform full-text searches of e-books by type and voice, browse Wikipedia and a lot more. Readers can also put notes and highlights to the texts, automatically syncing their e-readers and Kindle apps on other mobile devices.

Although this is just an upgrade to the original version, it still lacks some functionality on apps for Apple products. Such as the embedded audio and video clips. It does not allow you to change fonts, navigate by page number etc.

Even if there are a few flaws, we still think it’s brilliant. Let us know your views.

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