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The Room Beckons: A Cult Film-Inspired Flash Game

Written on September 08, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Newgrounds, home to flash-game hosting, opened their adventurous adaptation on flash of the cult film The Room on Friday.

“This is a totally unofficial game made simply out of our undying love of the movie,” beckoned the co-creators Tom Fulp, also Newsgrounds founder, and Jeff Bandellin. Dubbed as , this point-and-click adventure opened to the mundane madness of Tommy Wiseau’s world in the 2003 indie drama.

The $7-million self-funded movie of lead character Wiseau received more rages than raves in its release, but earned a cult following after a series of midnight screenings in L.A.

But those who have tried the game claimed that the point-and-click experience of Johnny and the people surrounding him scored more than the original. Do you want to try this flash adaptation of the exclusively-adored flick? Play it here and tell us if you like it or not.

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