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UK Teen Banned from USA After Sending Hate E-mail to Obama

Written on September 15, 2010 by B Waldorf

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A drunk teenager wrote a letter to Obama which put an end to his American dream.

A UK teen named was banned for coming to the United States of America forever. The teen sent an angry email to the White House, addressed to President . This event proves that US gov’t. are very much threaten with digital things like this because of their serious response. Allegedly, policemen visited the young man from his home and gave immediate action.

The 17-year-old Bedfordshire native was upset after watching the 9/11 TV Documentary. This documentary persuaded him to write an email that called the US President a “prick”. The FBI took it very seriously and called , and they visited Angel at his home and took a picture. He was also informed that he cannot enter US territory for good.

It became a necessary pre-caution for the government to monitor e-mails and other social medias to find potential threats. Last year, Colombian government took hold of a man who allegedly used his Facebook profile to announce, “I promise to kill Jeronimo Alberto Uribe, son of Alvaro Uribe.” Alvaro Uribe is the president of Colombia.

While we are harboring a health conscious skepticism about FBI’s monitoring attributes, it’s perfectly legit to use e-mails sent directly to the gov’t. to identify possible threats. Angel claimed that he was drunk when he made the e-mail so he might not be a long-term threat but he still needs to be careful with his action.

A newspaper interview reported that the teen does not care about the ban but the parents were said to be less than thrilled.

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