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Can Universal Logins Solve Password Security Issues?

Written on September 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Must include at least one number. Must be longer than six characters. Cannot have more than four sequential characters from your previous seven passwords. Seriously, how do you protect your identity on the web?

Protective measures for password creation like including at least one number, longer than six characters, cannot have more than four sequential character, cannot go very far according to New York Times. In an effort to protect users from , hackers have their way to snatch passwords. Included here are remotely tracking user keystrokes using a software or tricking users to type their password in. Touching a range of issues, a universal login could solve a lot of it, plus a solution to password-overload.

Managing logins for all the websites that requires registration can be a pain. Any frequent web users who says otherwise can either be lying or has photographic memory. Though browsers can be set up to remember our passwords for us, we might just find ourselves answering secret questions for the nth time once we cleared our browsing history. With ’ inevitable progress, more and more sites are now supporting . It is an easy-to-use tool wherein users are allowed to register in a site using their Facebook profile.

However, standards like also poses their own security problems. For one, a successful key puncher can gain access to all the sites and services that users get at once. Still, the convenience brought by universal logins is very irresistible, making users who try it won’t want to go back. Therefore it is important to talk about security issues around these new protocols implemented by some users and website.

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