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Virtual Girlfriend: Gamers’ True Love

Written on September 01, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Who could have thought that finding true love is possible by simply playing a computer game?

Okay, finding true love maybe one of the biggest problems for teenagers and adults alike. So “love doctors” created this -like virtual game, called . It is like taking your to a holiday vacation.

Love Plus is your typical dating simulation game in which the player, a boy from high school, is in a relationship with a young girl. The user must strive to maintain the relationship. Players can become deeply involved and committed with their virtual girlfriend.  At some point, a young man became deeply involved that he marries his virtual girlfriend at a ceremony in Tokyo last year.

The recent version of the game included a “field trip” in partnership with seaside town, Atami. There are 13 locations and players can find barcodes to scan and call up photos of the young women in the game. The girls can wear different styles of clothing. One hotel allows further images of girls in their summer kimonos.

The game made the tourism rate higher than expected because the number of sponsors and advertisements are overwhelming. But it isn’t a bit weird to have a virtual girlfriend? We can never really tell.

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