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Visualize Sound with Firefox 4 Beta

Written on September 08, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Let your eyes see the sound as Firefox 4 Beta is now out with a new audio API. Experience music in a completely different way. It's time to give thanks to HTML 5!

is rolling out a few new golden parachute with their newest release of the . The main feature of which is the . This enables you to “visualize sound” with the help of <audio> and <video> tags. As posted on Mozilla’s blog, it permits developers to read and write raw audio data within the browser to present sound information in a different way. Simply put, a user can experience music in as a rapidly scrolling string of raw-data numbers, audio wave visualization, filtered sound stream, EQ sound spectrum, abstract 3D animation and lots more. And if you’re a Windows user, you can expect a better graphics performance as takes advantage of the built-in DirectX 10 graphics hardware. The new 4 Beta is now available for free download.

The video below is a quick demo of how the new audio features works.

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