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VLC Will Soon Be on iPad: If Apple Allows

Written on September 11, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Many movie addicts are wishing that VLC will be available on iPad too.

If you have no reason buy the now, then maybe you’ll change your mind once you learn the good news . Did you know that is coming to ? It’s not coming now, but soon it will. We just hope that ‘soon’ means any day now.

For those who doesn’t know VLC, VLC is like a drug for those addicted to videos. Why? Because it’s one of those video playback softwares that can be used by any individual, young or old. It can also be an expansion to a new existing device is something to be excited about. Knowing the fact that iPad is the world’s greatest device in terms of consumption, it needs the best .

VLC plays the codec, and when we say codec, all the codec you know. VLC plays the VIDEO_TS folders and lets you stream the hardware on non- hardwares, most of the time.

The problem is that VLC would be duplicating the functionality of QuickTime  4.46 trillion times better than ever. But Apple may not like that.

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