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“Wall Street 2″ Director Oliver Stone Fierce Statement: Bankers are Deceitful

Written on September 22, 2010 by R. Depp

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Stone made a huge revelation in which he accused bankers of pulling the biggest heist of all time plus getting bountiful stacks of cash.

, the genius mind behind the movie “: The Money Never Sleeps”, never gives off a hint of fear as he utters controversial statements.

In an interview published by  , Stone shared his insights about his new movie, the economic recession, his upcoming Showtime miniseries plus how his life changed over the last years.

This sequel — which was a first time for him to accomplish as a director — serves as a bookend to the first “Wall Street” movie shown in 1987. He said that the current financial crisis urged him to create this movie. “What bankers were doing is un-fucking believable! They pulled off the biggest heist of all time and top of that, they got billions in the bailout.”

He turned down the script for this movie before thinking that it was just “all hedge funders, James Bond Monte Carlo, doing coke, private submarines and crap like that.” But it all changed when he observed the present economic meltdown. “You had these hedge fund guys taking [Gordon] Gekko’s old game and finding new ways to make new money and then the banks took that game and made it their own.”

Read the full details of the conversation between Huffington Post and director Oliver Stone by clicking this link.

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