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Weighless USB Drive from Verbatim

Written on September 25, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Do you often lose your precious files together with your thumb drive? Verbatim solves the problem. They created the Clip-n-Go USB drive that will weigh nothing.

Okay, if you’re just like the many others who loses flash drives and find it too “heavy”, well, this one’s for you. offers a literally weigh-less drive. The Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it , a one of a kind holiday treat for your and your files.

It comes in rainbow colors, to add little twists to your white surroundings. It not just hold the soft copy files that you have but doubles up as a paper clip for your hard copy files. The comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes.

Hans-Christoph Kaiser, Verbatim’s Business Development Manager says, “it weighs literally nothing, so it will not cause extra postal charges.”

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