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Windows Phone 7: To Set Foot in Europe on October 21st?

Written on September 27, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The rumors about Microsoft Phone 7 are giving us headaches, but the sight of this marvelous gadget is somewhat a relief.

has it. The much awaited Phone 7 will set foot on Europe on October 21. This piece of information was tipped offby the sources close to .

While innocent until proven guilty, it’s something that makes people excited. Reports had concluded that the definite time of launch is the month of October, and just recently Microsoft announced that they are ready. An initial report from a Spanish website El Economista said that the phones are for release in Spain on the 21st. But there is another report that UK, France, Germany and Italy are also on the list. But nothing was said about the US release.

In addtion, there is also a report that says Microsoft will boast the new phone at a New York City event this October 11. Just then Microsoft will have partnership with a popular London-based radio station to promote the phone in UK.

Are these true? Only time will time.

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