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Work Slower with Sims 2, Faster with Call of Duty 2

Written on September 15, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Are non-computer-related decisions dependent on your video-game-playing habits?

The University of Rochester conducted a study involving a crowd of 18- to 25-year-old males and females who were not avid video gamers. Half of them were given 50 hours to play and , while the other half were given .

And then they had them work largely on computer-based tasks. The result? Players of the action games performed 25% faster, and just as accurate, as those who played Sims 2.

This was not the first study to emphasize the application of video-game playing to real-life situations. Surgeons performing lacroscopic surgery have been noted to improve on their operations after playing. Some practical stuff would otherwise make us think though. Does firing up an Xbox actually help a mother decide what food she will serve her family for dinner? The study did not have comparative data to begin with–the decision-making skill and speed of the participants prior to the test. What is your opinion on this, folks?

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