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A Test Drive on Google Automated Cars

Written on October 11, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google recently tested an automated, meaning self driving cars. But no, they are not Android cars. Just Google cars that lets you multi task while driving. Literally, you just have to sit on the drivers' seat and the car will drive for its self. Amazing, isn't it?

Today, made a big announcement about cars. That’s right, they are developing cars that drive themselves automatically on the road. has been testing it for months at the California streets. It is very unusual for to develop this, but we see advantages behind this project.

The cars were tested on 140,000 miles of California road, from Silicon Valley to Santa Monica. There were two persons inside, one for emergency maneuvering purposes, the other an engineer. Google actually hired these engineers who participated in competitions and races including automated cars.

If you’re main concern is safety, well, Google has something to say to you. The prioritize safety. Google thoroughly believes that the technology will decrease the number of car accidents.

It also aims to save time for the car owners. Instead of driving, he can be productive like doing work via Wireless Internet or simply watch TV. The projection of this project is likely to be eight years from now.

What do you think about Google cars?

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