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AOL Plans to Buy Yahoo?

Written on October 14, 2010 by B Waldorf

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AOL and various companies are rumored to have been planning to buy search engine Yahoo. How true? The Wall Street Journal is kind of sure about it, but we can never can tell.

Just today, the Wall Street Journal reported that and several venture firms are planning to buy . The Silver Lake Partners and Blackstone Group are also rumored to be present on the deal itself. As of the moment, ’s market value is one tenth of Yahoo. The revolving rumor is that the two companies are planning to merge.

If you happen to remember, way back, Microsoft issued an unsolicited bid to buy the company. So this just means that the rumors might be well, true.

The rumors about Yahoo has never been this interesting. To think, what are AOL’s motives in doing this? Recently, the company acquired tech blog site .

What do you think this companies are up to?

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