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Apple’s Biggest Mac Announcements

Written on October 23, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The "Back to Mac" event of Apple last October 20 was a huge success. The company unveiled things that many consumers are longing for. With all these new innovation, you'll surely think of switching to Mac.

recently set aside some  of their precious time and focused on the long forgotten . On their “Back to ” event in California the company unwrapped their early gifts to consumers. Apple also narrated the story behind the success of . Here are the latest products and innovations.

The All-New and Improved

An improved version from its predecessor . It’s like iPad with a keyboard.


The Lion is not only the king of the Jungle but also the King of Mac OS X. It adds interface improvements that capitalize the multitouch function on Mac trackpads and mice. It sports an all new full-screen experience and one-click app downloads.

The 11

The newest version of iPhoto 11 arrives as a part of Apple’s 11 suite. It has a new full-screen modes and offers better social media experience.

Mac App Store

This must be the biggest news among  all the announcements. The Mac App Store marked the success of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch App Store. This offers a new way for developers to reach their customers and provides Mac users with the best apps.

for Mac

The iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4’s famed application is now on Mac. You can now use FaceTime on Mac.

The State of Mac

Apple’s COO is grateful with the success of Apple and Mac’s retail stores around the world. Statistics of product sales were quite impressive. Plus, Cook revealed that Mac actually recorder a 50 million user base.

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