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Apple Earns Pots of Gold

Written on October 16, 2010 by R. Depp

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Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple’s earnings is projected to be worth approximately $19 billion.

Inc. added another feat on its list of achievements. Last Wednesday, Inc. trades reached above $300. The technology giant is also in the preparing for the presentation of their quarterly results and new OS next week.

On the last Wednesday, Apple brought an amount of $300.14. This is $1.60 high from Tuesday and 30 times greater than its price seven years ago.

On October 20, Apple will invite selected reporters to see the update of the new OS. Plus, the company will also present its fourth-quarter earnings on Monday.

Economists are speculating that Apple will probably report sales amounting to nearly $19 billion. Apple’s success on the past months verged on the high demand for their products like , and .

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