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Beware of Facebook Apps!

Written on October 19, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Getting into too much of Facebook apps can be a problem in the future. Some apps might be leaking your user id to third-party companies. Indeed, Facebook still needs to work hard on their privacy settings.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that some applications have been leaking user information to third-party companies. Included in the list are ’s , Texas HoldEm Poker and . Facebook has confirmed this issue in a blog post.

“Our policy is very clear about protecting user data, ensuring that no one can access private user information without explicit user consent (…) Recently, it has come to our attention that several applications built on Facebook Platform were passing the User ID (UID), an identifier that we use within our APIs, in a manner that violated this policy. In most cases, developers did not intend to pass this information, but did so because of the technical details of how browsers work.”

Earlier this weekend, Facebook has blocked due to violating the terms and conditions of the social network. According to WSJ, some apps created by were transmitting user info to third parties.

And though knowing the UID of a user does not enable anyone to access a private information, it can still be very revealing — depending on the user’s privacy settings. Even if a user has set the strictest privacy setting available, the ID may still show his or her name and list of Friends. And with an application that has a tad full of players, sharing them to an advertising company can be very daunting in the long run. The real issue here is the matter of trust. And albeit Facebook is working their very hard to protect the privacy of its users, the latest incident implies otherwise.

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