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Breaking Dawn Introduces the Denali Clan

Written on October 03, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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If there's anything that can top-cast a lost-tastic vampire or Edward and Bella's spawn, that would be a whole flock of vampires. Read on to meet the new group of "vegatarian" that will come the Twi-hard's way.

According to ’s official Twitter account, the have been cast. Christian Camargo and Mia Maestro will play the roles of Eleazar and Carmen; Casey LaBow will portray Kate; Maggie Gracie as Irina; and MyAnna Burning will be Tanya.

Eleazar was originally a guard of the Voulturi, before he met his mate – Carmen. He later left the Voulturi to find peace with his love. Carmen, on the other hand, joined the Denali sisters after Eleazar left the aforementioned vampire coven. A “vegetarian” and living a peaceful lifestyle, she knows quite a few languages. More over, Katrina – or commonly known as Kate – is distinctive for having a strong mind and the capability to raise electric current on her skin that shocks anyone in contact with her. Also part of the original Denali sisters, Irina had a relationship with Laurent before he was killed by the shape-shifters. Lastly is the leader of the Alaskan bloodsuckers — Tanya. Based on Midnight Sun, Tanya had a crush on Edward and sort of rival to Bella when it comes to the Cullen guy’s affection.

The is set to hit the big screens on November 18 next year.

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