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EA Games Unleashed for Windows Phone 7

Written on October 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Last weekend, Microsoft made a big mistake in putting Angry Birds in their ads. This made Rovio a little bit upset. Today, EA Games released the games that will be included in Windows Phone 7. But still WP7 needs a alert third party apps and games to gain victory over Android and Apple.

EA is a titan when it comes to video . And now they make a bigger step towards game supremecy with a support on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. The big plus? Let’s say an Xbox Live-enabled game starting 2010.

The first few titles of EA Mobile are The Sims 3, , and .

All of these are franchises on existing mobile phones so it is not exclusive to Windows phone 7. But the Xbox Live online network stays as an advantage. Even if Apple quite made it at , still is more tasty to game and gamers themselves. All EA games will support the Xbox Achievements. This includes badges and goals awarded for a job well done. These will add to your game score shared in between Windows Phone 7, Games for Windows and games.

But surely WP7 should atleast have a third party in order to level with Android and iPhone.

Are you excited for the Windows Phone 7?

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