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Facebook and Bing Empower Social Media

Written on October 14, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Starting today, Facebook and Bing is collaborating to put social media on a higher ground. With just a click of the 'like' button, you're on for a new search experience online.

The titans of the social media and software industries, and , have announced their joint venture that brings the “like” data and profiles to . Both ends will gain benefits with this venture.

From this day forward, Bing users gets an all new experience customizing Facebook . This feature will produce a Facebook module that shows you what your friends liked as well as most-sought after searches of other people.

Folks from Bing and Facebook unraveled a few examples on how this might be useful. Restaurants, movies, IMDB, or articles that have been shared with the help of the powerful “like” button. It allows data sharing to over 500 million Facebook members fast and easy.

Bing also tries to dramatically improve the searches made by people. Just like Facbeook’s site, Bing will recommend new friends based on mutual interest or friends. Just like the image below:

Bing and Facebook will add more data and features in the future. With this integration, Facebook is making Bing Search a lot better.

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