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Facebook Tells your Stories About Friendship

Written on October 31, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Facebook came up with a way to get rid of your ex. Now, Facebook now tries to retell the story of two friends with Friendship Pages. Facebook is getting sentimental these days, right?

From the photo memories and the unwanted “Ex” files, is now breeding a new page that most likely bring up platonic type of love. gather the public wall posts, comments, photos and events that two friends have in common. This page came out from the brilliant mind of Engineer Wayne Kao. The Friendship Pages will tell you the story of friendship between two individuals based on their shared activities.

“For those of us who have worked on it, the best part is the human side of these Pages. They can bring back memories, conversations and times spent together,” explains Kao.

You can access the Friendship Pages underneath your main photo on a friend’s profile and via links that came from related posts or relationship stories. These pieces of information are accesible to the public as long as they have the permission to view the friend’s profile.

Quite impressive, Facebook continues to touch lives and keep friendships intact.

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